Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere to acquire a pickguard for a Dan DC-3? The single-ply one that came on it is getting warped and there are some substantial gaps between it and the body now. I can find them for the DC-3/U-2 etc, but not the DC-3.

I can't seem to find a supplier, but if anyone knows of one, or someone who is particularly adept at making custom 3-ply scratplates, any help would be appreciated.

To save trolls some time - I know these are cheap guitars and I should have expected etc.. etc..
I flattened a (cheap!) warped pickguard by sandwiching it between a plastic chopping board and a weighted sheet of glass, and leaving in a warm place - my sunlit workbench. It worked fine. A warm oven would likely do just as well.
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