So I need to plug my HH guitar to my MacBook Air to Amplitube 4 to record some riff ideas. Mostly metal stuff. I would listen to using my Sennheiser HD25 SP II headphones.

I've read a lot of forum threads and seems the 2i4 is the right model from the Focusrite lineup as it has the PAD function to deal with the low headroom, input overload and clipping, especially since I will be using some hot humbuckers.

The other option would be the Mackie Onyx Blackjack which I can get for a little cheaper than the Focusrite.

Some say the Mackie preamps are better and Mackie announces "the most headroom and the lowest noise" and that should be a good thing. Also I keep reading about these built-in Dis that Mackie has.

I'm kind of lost because I don't have a enough knowledge about recording equipment. I just want my guitar to sound good, take advantage of Amplitube and lay down some tracks as memos. Will not be using the interface with any other instruments, midi or voice. Just the guitar. Won't be able to try them before I buy as I will be ordering the interface online.

Any and all ideas welcomed. Thanks in advance.
I have the onyx blackjack and it is good but have a lot pf problems with the drivers.
he is crushing sometimes and do reboot, but in sound quality he is very good.
I have 2 guitars : fender telecaster which I put the volume knob about 5/8 up without clipping.
my new EBMM Majesty guitar I have to put the volume know on quarter of the volume to prevent clipping. it has hambuckers and active preamp that i can't use with this audio interface.
U love it if you record vocals and acoustic guitars (or a single coil electric), but if you want hi gain monsters guitar you should buy something better..
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I have the onyx blackjack and it is good but have a lot pf problems with the drivers.

I'd have to agree, I have the bigger Blackbird interface on my studio PC. Hardware is really good but the driver issues produce annoying little niggles from time to time.
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If you can get this

I have an Apogee symphony interface in my main location (tiltsound.com) and that Tascam in my more modest location. My point is, with that Tascam you will not need to upgrade for a long long time. That thing competes with he best. I think its in the same league as the symphony and the preamps are incredible. You will however need a DI with it. I can't think of anything that will sound better under $1k, with the Audient ID22 being close.
If you're using headphones try the Scarlett 2i2. Two ins, headphone out and two monitor outs on the back. If you're only recording guitar the scarlett solo is also an option. At least the 2i2 has an option to swap from Line Level to Instrument Level which essentially works as a pad. I've got the 2i2 and works great.
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Can't say much about other products, but I've been using the 2i4 for Amplitube for a while, it works great.