Hi all, yesterday mornig i had the chance to test the marshall as50d with my POD Xt fx modeler, and.......it was awesome!! i've got a valvestate 100wat head and cabinet, and i cannot get the tone of the pod wwith it, but as i say, i've tested the pod with the marshall as50d wich os made for acoustic guitar and it sounds great. Anyone here could tell me why?? what's the difference between these two amps? both of them are marshall, and i thought my marshall is better than the as50d.

Thanks in advance.
I figure that the AS50D is an acoustic amp and colors your tone less than the Valvestate does. This allows the POD's tone to shine through better than when you run it through the Valvestate.
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The AS50D is an acoustic guitar amp which also has an XLR input. It works closer to a PA system than a regular guitar amp, so the POD will sound better through it, especially if you use the cab sims through it too
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