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I have an old Strat that I would like to shield, to reduce some hum.
I've seen some different videos on YouTube and in some videos these guys solder a cable to the shielding?? Is that really necessary??

Example: Shielding Video

You shouldn't need to.

I've shielded my Gibson V the same way and I never soldered anything. I just made sure the copper tape makes contact with the aluminium foil that was already present on the back of the pickguard. By the pots being tightened against the pickguard, a good connection is established so that the RF travels through the threaded section of the pots, which in turn has a connection with the pot's outer casing, which is joined with the common ground. Effectively doing the same thing as soldering a wire from the foil to the common ground. I've never had a problem.
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Without watching the video I can pass on a few important details about shielding being familiar with the subject.
The shielding should be connected to ground (in this case the guitars ground). It should encompass the electronics (meaning cover the back of the Pick guard as well as the cavities). Make sure the shielding in the cavity actually contacts the shielding in the cavities when the PG is in place.
If you use copper tape ensure the tape has conductive adhesive so that when overlapped it is electrically connected. Non-conductive adhesive tape only conducts on the shiny side and you'd need to bridge each overlap some how.
Shielding paint also works well when applied correctly.
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