Hey Guys,..... I recently got a Fender Squier Bullet Strat at a ridiculously cheap price. The guitar is in brand new condition without any scratches or pings, dents, etc. I got the guitar with the intentions of modding it. I'm looking to make it a better quality instrument without breaking my bank account but I'm not sure where to really start. I would like to replace the tuners with better ones and also the pickups. I would like to get the best sounding guitar I can get within the range of $400. I'm using a Fender Blues Jr for an amp. Any suggesting on pups and tuners to get a really good tone would be so greatly appreciated. BTW, I will be using this guitar to play blues so anything to help achieve a good blues tone is what I'm looking for. Thanks for any suggesting you might have and to all of you ...keep on rocking. Thanks again.
I put sperzel locking tuners on all of my guitars. There are also schaller and Grover, I've never used them so I can't tell you which is better, but personally I think locking tuners are the bomb.

I've also become a fan of dimarzio area 67's. Worth a check out.
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I put sperzel locking tuners on all of my guitars. There are also schaller and Grover, I've never used them so I can't tell you which is better, but personally I think locking tuners are the bomb.

I've also become a fan of dimarzio area 67's. Worth a check out.

I've had Schallers, and would rather have gotten Sperzels.

Outside of Tuners/Pickups (67s are definitely prime stuff as per esky) I'd also get a new nut cut for the guitar (something like a Graphite nut). I find Squier does a rather crap job on their nuts.

I'd also look at getting the saddles upgraded down the road. While decent quality, they do lack weight.
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You should install a toggle for the 7 way neck on mod. Simple and useful mod and only costs a few bucks for a toggle.
-Seymour pups
-new tuners (Hipshot,Schallers,Sperzel)
-i'm pretty sure your guitar got vintage trem. if you got more extra money I would replace the trem with something like Wilkinson/Gotoh vintage trem. OR you got tons of more money that you would like to spend on this guitar go for Callaham or something
i like the 7 way mod a lot, check out how to beef up your strat it's a video at the bottom, that is the 7 way mod the user metallica313 mentioned

I've yet to play a squier with decent tuners
a nut is a must
polish the frets if you see any rust or dullness. I like micro mesh on my frets
strap locks are a must , the 2-3$ ones from china are actually good
a good bridge is a must, guitar fetish has one with a brass block i recommend

properly shielding the guitar is a nice touch too, 3-4$ from china with free shipping for some copper tape as you shouldn't spend 10-20$ on dimarzio copper tape. You get more clarity but it will not eliminate 60 cycle hum.

if pickups dont get mentioned for an upgrade there is something wrong , what i like about the bullet series is the last 2 or so i worked on (haven't worked on that many fenders lately) but i swear the routing is HSH so you can even get an "H/H" pickguard from somewhere like IKNMusic, dragonfire or axetremecreations. I'd love an H/S one myself but this breed/evolution set on this korean fender with a V neck I just put together with a unique fender wiring from the showmaster I'm liking actually and I usually don't care for strats. With aftermarket pickguards though be aware 90% of the time you're redrilling especially on the cheap ones. But they should line up properly as it's a 6 bolt tremolo on the guitar right? so IKNMusic ones for example are fine.

i'd rather mod asian electronics than just swap to CTS and orange drop caps to practice soldering. I can name 10-20 mods you can do to guitars but I'm going to keep it simple and just suggest parts for now as the hotter pickups you really appreciate a lot of mods I will mention.
Upgrade the entire bridge trem (replace the narrow pot zinc tone block) with betth quality trem with full steel or brass block (brass block is upgrade bought separately), check to make sure all frets are level. Note: If it came with trapezoid tuners (not all trapezoid tuners are bad, but I prefer different kind), the tuner diameter is only 9mm, you need to enlarge it to 10mm with a reamer. You have many choice for tuners, vintage style tuners by either Kluson or Wilkinson are both fine. For modern tuner style, you have plenty of choice. Grover Rotomatic locking tuners, Schaller locking tuners, Sperzel locking tuner (I read somewhere the the metal is not as strong but not sure if true), Wilkinson, and many more brands. Since your upgrading, change plastic nut for Graphtech TUSQ XL nut (you need to slowly sand the bottom and sides for correct height and snug fit in nut slot. Upgrade the pots for Bourn audio taper 250 (forgot name of other brand). Upgrade the capacitor and 5-way switch Oak Grisby. Lastly, install pickups you want. Good luck modding your ax.
I have Washburn guitars 'Maverick Series' and bass 'Bantam Series' and a few pedals and amps, but man I wish to have more patience and drive practicing my playing, if it's equal to the modding itch, then I'm golden.
I want to thank you all for taking the time to give me some suggestions. I forgot to mention the nut in my post but yeah, I definitely want to change it out. My main concern right now is reliable tuning and good tone (tuning being first priority). With the Blues Jr amp and a Blues Driver 2, I can get a decent sound now but it's worthless if it doesn't stay tuned. Glad to have some good recommendations from you guys. Gives me something to look into. I call this my project guitar as that's what it is to me. Hopefully when I get finished with it, it will be my " Hey, check this bad boy out" guitar. Thanks again to you all and any more suggestions is welcomed.
i put a dragonfire prewired crusader pickguard and some gfs ss saddle son this sx i got for my son. check those two upgrades out for sure.
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so i did some interesting visual mods to my squier strat, i set it on fire. only to the point where it scorched the surface and was all crispy, i made sure it didnt damage the body. did a thick clear coat to preserve it. thats an idear for a visual upgrade.