Greetings UG! I'm not new to the website but it's my first time on the forums.

Here's a little background for me, reading this is optional.

I've been playing guitar since late 2010. Started practicing songs like Sweet Child O' Mine since my dad was a classic guy who played White Lion adlibs to put me to sleep as a kid.

I listen to any genre of music but my favorites would be Rock music, Hard rock, Alternative rock, and sometimes Heavy metal; specifically from Queen, Steelheart, Journey, Bon Jovi, to Dashboard Confessional, The Script, Secondhand Serenade and My Chemical Romance.

Now I was walking around in a shopping mall and something from this local guitar store caught my eye. It was an LP-100. I tried it out and it seemed great, smooth, although it wasn't my first guitar. My first guitar had a stratocaster body design.

Since it wasn't so expensive I decided to purchase it, I had barely any knowledge in Les Paul guitars back then and it felt cumbersome to even Google about it.

While testing it, the sound had a plastic vibe onto it and I ignored this thinking it was the amp's fault back then. It was a crappy amp. And the strings weren't new either.

So I brought it home, thrilled to play it with my Marshall MG15CFX. Installed new strings after a couple of playing since the tune was a little bit dull for some reason. Got a bit better yet something still felt missing. Nevertheless I thought it was a good guitar for sometime.


A few days passed and I noticed it wouldn't stay in tune after playing a song. Feedback from the guitar to PC began increasing as buzz noise just won't be quiet (although this could probably just be my cables), and in general the tone was becoming duller than ever.

Months later; I couldn't help but feel my old guitar had a richer tone. It wasn't a Les Paul, it was more of a stratocaster imitation but really well built.

It's been almost a year since then. Finally got the urge to replace my guitar. Just can't bear with it any longer, I just don't like it. Although I'm not aware of any good alternatives either..

I'd wanna play Slash solos most of the time, especially in gigs. So I guess a Les Paul 50's 2016 T wouldn't be a bad upgrade. What do you think? Or is there a better guitar you think suits me.
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Hey there, it has been in my experience with Gibson-related products that the nuts are cut horribly. You know that white piece where each string fits into by the headstock? When nuts are not cut properly the guitar tends to not stay in tune. I would definitely avoid Gibsons, unless you decide to have them modified. Post some pics so I could be of more help...

Feedback (or hum) generally indicates a grounding issue, but a lot of guitars have them to varying degrees.

Did you try changing the strings? New strings sound brighter/fuller.

Personally, I am a Fender guy, but even then I hate a lot of Fenders because there is not that much attention put into them like custom guitars for instance. I would say Fender Strats are very versatile, especially if you have the HSS where the bridge pickup is a Humbucker which is great for what you want to do.

Anyways, let me know what I can help with..

As you can tell, I am very biased, but I am sure people swear by Gibson.

Me, I'm just anal.

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Hi there
I'd go for Gibson any time. It might have some build quality issues but the tone and feel will reward you big time. I myself have a 2008 LP Custom and it sounds just awesome. If your guitar goes out of tune often i'd show it to a luthier, the aforementioned nut is most likely the issue, can be an easy fix or a cheap replacement. Also new strings tend to stretch for a couple of days, so on a fixed bridge guitar like a Les Paul it might help to slightly overthighten them (just a halfstep will do) for a bit of time and then tune back to the desired tuning.

you choice of a 2016 Les Paul 50's T is a good one. You might also take a look at their HP series which seems a nicely upgraded option as is. It's got all bells and whistles and more: adjustable nut, titanium saddles, beefy p-ups set. and the price is great for a Gibson.

I'd also recommend you to change your amp for something more decent. Even a Yamaha THR series amp though being all-digital might give you better result than a small MG Marshall. I personally have Krank Rev Jr 20 Watt model and it is just the sound i was seeking, though they've become rare to catch.

hope this helps, feel free to ask question if you have any
Good luck