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AWESOME track!!! I didin't know about it, but now I listen it 10 times a day! I need GP TABS!!! Please, who can make it? Come on!
I love the sound and lyrics! It gives me the power to fight against this world! I NEED GP5-TABS! I'm bagging all of you from ultimate-guitar.
Yes, "Andrew Fog" I told you - Black Comedy is awesome! It's like Fear Factory & Armin van Buuren together! It's brilliant!
I was playing "Last days of Gaia" PC Game all the week and heard "The Fall" song there! What a brilliant song Darkseed recordered! But I wanna play it on my Jackson RR guitar! I need GP5 of the song!!!
Amazing song anyway! I would try to help you, but I'm an old-school guitarist. I don't know how the GP5 works. Sad but true!
To Jed Sinom - thank you Bro for that song. I wanna tell you, that it's one of my favourite track about now. P.S. And I craving for the GP5 TABS soon...
Confirmed, this is B-tuning. But their guitarist plays standart 6 string guitar. He tuned it like Amon Amarth always does.