Who can understand and write the lyrics (song text) here of PAIN - "Trapped"? Listen it here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQaFgH5NSbA) and who knows English well, then post it here, PLEASE! It's a bonus track from "Dancing with the dead" album, the booklet is empty, I checked all the web and didn't find it. Fans of Peter Tagtgren all over the world - HELP ME, PLEASE! And then I'll put it to (darklyrics.com) for all the fans!!!
Hey, you're right. Bro! My English is not so good, bur this track is awesome! Brothers and sisters from The UK or USA - listen it! Post the Song TEXT here! Just 1 track!
Yeah, I didn't find in Internet too - just nothing everywhere! It's more then 400 viewers and none from English speaking country? Why? But I like "Trapped" too - industrial metal!