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I own a Fender Stratocaster Classic Series (70's style) with 3 standards pickups and play it through a Marshall MG15CDR (15 Watts). I am in no way a professional player, I play occasionally, so the amp is rather weak.
So I am looking for a more beefy, juicy sound that's coming from the bridge pickup, as I find the sound that comes from the factory one rather flat. Especially with the overdrive channel from my amp... I hardly use the bridge pickup for any clean sounds really, as I love the mid and neck pickups sound for that.
The reason why I am looking for a replacement is that I started listening to metal a lot more often and now (of course) wanna play some heavier stuff too. But there's no money around for a new guitar with built-in humbuckers. I stumbled across a video on YouTube....


... from some guy who replaced the single coil bridge pick up on his Strat with a humbucker by DiMarzio. Listening to the sound of his bridge pickup I was like "Damn"... compared to the bridge pickup that is installed by factory his seems to have much more crunch and power, but does not sound too "hummy"/roaring at the same time. Overall it sounds more "saturated", it's hard to describe but you probably know what I mean. Like If I closed my eyes I would not have thought that this is actually the tone of a Strat, because it sounds so heavy on the mids and lows, but there is still a good amount of strat-characteristic treble that can be heard. As you can probably tell, I really like the sound he gets.
Enough now with the prologue, haha.

Long story short... what I am looking for:
- Dirtier, beefier, heavier sounding bridge pickup for hard rock and metal sounds
- Not too "hummy"/buzzy, still want treble in there
- More sustain would be great too!

Now what I want to ask you is: Do you have any suggestions for pickups I might take a look at? Maybe someone has a hot tip for me.
you can always get a H/H , H/S or H/S/S pickguard , they aren't too expensive if you don't mind drilling into the guitar but check the routing , i test guitar wirings on that particular marshall and it gets constantly complemented for how nice it sounds compared to other 15w amps.

H/S pickguards dragonfire
H/H , HSS pickguards from practically anywhere

anything "high output' , i prefer pickups with 4 wires. 4 wire pickups most of the time but not always are technically humbuckers but smaller so the 4 wires can get the classic single coil sound with all the buzzing people put up with or the parallel sound.

the seymour duncan JB Jr, hot stack , hot rails, lil' screaming demon.
dimarzio i'm not the person to ask but the HS-3 and HS-4 or injector (paul gilbert) pickups come to mind

GFS comes to mind for pickups on guitarfetish.com but PROBABLY the loudest pickup you can get for a strat I know of is the Bare Knuckles sinner pickup. It's expensive though.

with a lot of those higher output pickups I suggest a 500k volume pot myself, it's a bit of extra work but you're sure to get all those highs you may be missing out on.

but before you switch the pickup adjust the height; put it close to the strings and see if it makes a difference. To do so tighten the screws on the pickup. the closer it is to the strings the louder it is.
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yeah a humbucker will do that.

you can either use a single coil-sized one like he did or get a new pickguard like Tallwood13 said and get a full-sized humbucker.

if you still want a fair bit of treble, probably avoid the tone zone (dimarzio).

a better amp would help too, but if you know you prefer the sound of a humbucker it's worth changing the pickup anyway i'd say.
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