Many yrs ago I read an article regarding these mini guitar effect boxes with names like 'Yellow humper', purple tweaker, etc. They were very small like the size of cubed cheese that you could daisy chain. Is anyone else familiar with these things? I think they were built in the early nineties, but any information regarding these have been lost in time.

Any info would be appreciated!
Hotone makes really small ones, but i don't think they have been doing it in the 90s

Edit: Oh, seems like what you mean are Dan Armstrong effects, I've never played one but they look kinda cool. And the purple one was called Purple Peaker.

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malekko omnicron series. i have a few and they are great. $80+/- used. killer tone that doesn't seem like it is in such a small box. they are so skinny, not much wider than a jack.
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