They don't get a lot of mention here, but I have been using one for a long time - the Character "British", so I just thought I'd give everyone a heads up.

The Character series are analog emulators of specific makes - the "British" is a Marshall emulator. They have a huge range of OD tones via the "Character"control, and are powerful enough to use as a preamp or plug directly into a PA. The new ones have switchable speaker emulation bypass, so are more useful as preamps or stomp boxes than my old one. However, I'm using mine as the preamp for my H&K power amp by going guitar > sansamp > H&K FX return, thereby bypassing the H&K preamp. It has plenty of oomph to drive the power amp, and I'm pleased with the result. The main downside of these, as far as I can see, is that the tone controls cover such a wide range that it would be easy to miss the sweet spot.

Anyone else use them? Any unfavourable comments?
I have the Liverpool (VOX) and it sounds quite nice. The response is maybe a little stiff compared to the AC30C2 but it does the sound quite well. I do not really use it though because I take the VOX everywhere I need to go. Trying to set up a small board with the Sansamp though.
Funny you mention it being easy to miss the sweetspot, that was my only gripe about the GT2 I was using for a bit. The slightest lil tweak and its gone, I've never had a more perplexing time with a distortion pedal. It is a kickass pedal, nice and quiet and it models Mesa, Fender and Marshall dirt flavors, and I loved that adjusting the level didn't affect the sound of the pedal. I replaced it with a Suhr Riot which I'm really digging too. I'm sure the GT2 could mimic the Riot but I guess I prefer the simplicity. I'm sure its versatility is a boon for some though, and it sounds kickass when you find a sweet spot.

If I came across the Marshall version I'd probably pick it up.
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Played a Tri-OD through a Valvestate for quite a few years, great pedal, still have it. I like pretty much everything they've put out, the Original, GT-2, Tri-AC, their bass stuff is fantastic as well. They made the Double drive 3x which was a cascading distortion, also fantastic.
I have the PSA-1 which is pretty much everything they put out in one unit, midi switchable, great preamp for guitar and bass:
I'm using the Sansamp PSA 1.1 for all my sounds, it's a killer. It's not that new, like it probably models Mesas, Marshalls and Fenders worse than the new Axe-FX or Kemper, but it's enough for me.
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I use a FlyRig5, which get the sound from the British pedal. I also use a Trademark 60 amp. These aren't like a Fractal or Helix- they do one basic sound really really well, and are built to really take a beating.
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The fly rig 5 sans amp section is the Fender sound. I called Tech 21 to verify this. The OD is Marshall Plexi. Been using one for over a year...great pedal(s.
I have the joyo clone of the Vox version. I agree that it can be hard to find the perfect spot with it. I think it works best going into the FX return, but I need to use my amp's preamp for anything else so I have to compromise.
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