Hi guys, names Thom, I'm a uni student, live in Wales.
Dabbled very briefly in the electric about 10 years ago.
Been playing the acoustic now for about 12 months.
The thing that made me want to grab an acoustic was my girlfriends dad had an old Eko ranger 12. Just loved how easy it was to play for a relative novice like myself but how nice it could sound in the hands of a decent player. Didn't want to invest too much to start off with and found an aria solid cedar top 12 string going for £45. Unfortunately the bridge damn near tore off and it's in dire need of a neck reset. Now playing a stagg 6 stringer as an interim. Decided I want to repair the aria as I would like to build my own guitar and this sort of task seems like a good test.
Just wondering when I'm able to post in other sections as I need to guitar advice.
anyways that's pretty much it.