Hi all!

I have been collecting guitars for a few years now, and recently just started getting into the vintage guitars. I was at a auction and picked up a Suntech guitar earlier. I cannot find much about Suntech in general besides their lawsuit guitars they came out with. This guitar seems to be high quality, it has a brass nut, Dimarzio pickup in the neck position, a unidentifiable pick up in the bridge position, two way pick up selector, three tone pots and volume pot. No cracks in the guitar, the body is in really good condition, made of maple and walnut I think. The guitar i'm pretty sure if from the 70's? The guitar currently does not work ( not a problem though) I planned on cleaning up all the electronics.

I'll attach pictures in full detail. Since looking everywhere for a Suntech with the same style of body and not finding anything, I have been wondering if this could just be a Suntech neck with a different body bolted on.

No serial numbers that I could find on the guitar, if anyone has any information on this same type or Suntech in general that would be a huge help!

For some reason its not easily letting me upload pictures, will be shortly!