What we do here doesn't break any copywriter laws whatsoever. Therese no evidence of anybody selling tab and i can go to any club with my band and play any covers i like and its not breaking any laws. What we do here is listen to a song and transcribe what we hear. Theirs no discernible difference with writing out lyrics of a song on a personal social media page. The voice is a instrument. One types those words out is exactly like listening to the guitar parts of a song and transcribing your own version of what you hear. Come on Ultimate-guitar.com! Grow a pair and stand up against these killers of free speech and fight them.
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Ahh I remember being a rebellious teenager too.

I don't think you realize a lot of things here. Like that when you submit a tab, it becomes UG's property. NOT yours. Most of the time publishers are ok with this, but other times they're not because reasons. My guess is because they lose money by printing out tab books nobody is buying, but there's probably other private reasons.

Second, you don't know that UG has no control over this. If the publishers request it be taken down, they have to oblige. Otherwise they'll probably lose their license to share all tabs in general.

Thirdly, UG is trying VERY hard to stand up against it happening. You're just being ignorant to it.

tl;dr: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/article/blog/licensing
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I'm 40+ but calmed down a little since I typed that comment. I'm probably wrong on all the legal shit but it just gets my goat and wanted to start a discussion about this issue.
Except he's right.

There's even legal precedent that individually generated tabs needn't be "licensed" but since the powers-that-be have used fear and it's easier to pay than fight we are at an impasse.

I contacted the EFF some time ago and they expressed interest in the issue but UG would have to initiate the lawsuit and they seemingly have no interest in doing so.

Their call, this is a business, not a crusade, but it's unfortunate.
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