My heart is saying "Oklahoma", but my brain is saying "North Carolina".

Who do you guys have?

My picks: OU romps Villanova, UNC romps Syracuse, then UNC beats OU by 6-8 pts to win the title.
Denver Dungarees by 12
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My alma mater UNC

I hope Syracuse upsets them. I don't like OU's chances against UNC.

I'm worried about Villanova. Yeah, OU romped them on a neutral court earlier in the year, but OU might have the "big head" and think that the Wildcats will just lay down. Plus Villanova probably feels the need to redeem themselves.

Should be fun, whatever happens. Time for OU to win a bball title though.
If Hield hits like he did the other day, UNC is the only one with a chance to stop OU, imo. If he's not hitting, Syracuse zone might give OU trouble.

I dunno, I was surprised to see VA lose, really. I thought they were a strong contender.
Dallas Cowboys
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Another year lost to the blue line
UNC to win it all and become the NCAA World Champions of American college basketball
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Fuck yes UNC all da way
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I had Kansas over Michigan State

Guess I want Villanova cuz Philly, but UNC will likely win

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