Well it depends on whether or not you want a baritone guitar.
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I personally don't like basswood. With the ltd at least you get a mahogany body.

I like having gold hardware because it gives a bit of top end snap to the tone.

And the term 'mahogany' should be put in quotation marks in this context because LTD's aren't made from true mahoganies. They're more likely made from Meranti.

Not that it really matters to the guitar's tone when amplified though.
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Well it depends on whether or not you want a baritone guitar.

I like having gold hardware because it gives a bit of top end snap to the tone.

I find that I like black hardware because it sounds darker.

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Guys im having trouble deciding on which guitar to get. the baritone iron label or the ltd horizon.
it would be setup in drop c.
any thoughts would be appreciated thanks

I've played both. Love both, however if you can find the Ibanez RGIR20FE (The 25.5 inch scale length version.) I'd pick it in a heartbeat. Incredible guitar. My favorite guitar bridge I've ever played too. I love my palm mutes. I'm not sure about putting a Baritone in Drop C though...I like the 25.5 inch scale for that tuning as do many good bands. (Such as Bullet For My Valentine.)
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I think getting a baritone guitar for drop C is really unnecessary, so in this case, I'd say get the Ltd. However, I am a fan of the Iron Label series and like the guy above me said, the bridge is pretty comfortable. I have and RGIRFE20 in drop Bb and it sounds great. 25.5" is definitely enough for drop C.
Of those choices I'd go for the LTD, it really depends on if you want a baritone, and I wouldn't. I like the look of both but I am not a fan of direct mount pickups, I prefer the option to adjust my pickup height.
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