So i decided to pickup the drums after about 9 years of guitar and bass. a good friend of mine said he will teach me, hes very good, has taught before and is currently in a band.

im looking at buying the ludwig accent combo 5 piece for $600. my friend has recommended it and i just wanted to make sure its a good choice

im into alot of led zeppelin, acdc, jimi hendrix experince, ect so pretty much 60's and 70's blues, rock.

It's a well-rated kit, but ask your friend to help you pick out some real heads for it, and for your first lesson ask him (or her) to teach you how to tune your drums. Heads will cost from $10 to $30 each depending on size and quality, so figure that in your budget. If that blows your budget, then start hunting for a good used kit. You _should_ only need to replace the batter (top) heads. From there it's all about attitude anyway. Next, start saving up for good cymbals.
thanks for the advice, i have a basic understanding of tuning drums, i just need to practice it. i was planning on getting more cymbals as well but i never thought about replacing the heads. thanks
On the contrary, I'd really suggest NOT buying an Accent, especially for $600. There's so much better you could get. You're really just paying that price because of the (sub-par) hardware it comes with.

Accents are made of the cheapest ply shells money can buy (low end Luan) and are hardly worthy of the Ludwig name. There are several lines of the Accents that have been available over the years that were made of higher quality wood, but the current version of these drums are of no comparison. You will quickly outgrow them and find you're only able to sell them for, at most, 1/3 what you paid.

If you must buy new in that price range, the Tama Imperialstar (birch shell version) can be had for $600 if you look around, and they're pretty hard to beat for the price. There's also the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch, Gretsch Catalina, PDP Concept series and Mapex Mars, all of which are a million times better than the Ludwig Accent...

However, if there's any possible chance of increasing your budget, Amazon has the Maple version of the Premier Genista for just under $800 right now (1 left):


These are pro-level kits, you will never need to upgrade again. In fact, I play the birch version of this exact kit. Purple Sparkle Fade is the coolest lacquer finish I've ever seen on a drum set and they sound fantastic.

On the flip side, you can also search Guitar Center's used inventory on their site. You should be able to find the kits I listed for half the price, in great shape, plus be able to return them within 30 days if something's wrong. Then you can buy a set of nice (used) hardware and some inexpensive, but pro-level, cymbals, like the Paiste 404 line, and you'll be set for years.

P.S. If you're up for used, I have a Ludwig Element Birch kit I bought on a whim back in August, and barely played, that I'd sell you for a very good price (far under the $600 for those Accents). It's a FAR better kit, has a really nice burst finish on it and I'd even throw in brand new heads for it, which will save you ~$100 Been meaning to list it for sale for months but just haven't gotten around to it with everything else that's been going on! I still have all the original packaging and there's not a scratch on it that I can find.
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