Our gracious forum doesn't really have a wind instrument section, so I guess this is close enough. I have mild interest (=I want to be able to play one so bad) in instruments like saxophone and clarinet, and as I understand it the blowing and lip techniques are usually the cause of headache for many beginner reed players. So I was wondering if a cheap chamuleau/saxonette would be a good starting point? I understand that if I get a 30$ instrument I probably shouldn't expect much, but considering that they have a reed mouthpiece I was thinking if they'd be good for mouth technique practice. As an added bonus, they don't sound too bad as far as I know, actually most clips sound pretty sweet. To clarify, I'm thinking of something like this:



The reason I'm asking is because sax etc. mouthpieces are pretty expensive, so I'm a tad sckeptical about the quality of these cheaper instruments in comparison to a proper reed instrument. Thoughts?
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