Some info:

Budget: Up to £150 tops, happy to buy used.
Genres: I play a bit of everything, but mainly rock, punk and metal.
Tones desired: I like a lot of attack and clarity in my tone.
Current Gear:
Basses: Squier VM PJ, SBMM Ray5 and Ray4, Dingwall NG2.
Amps: Ashdown ABM100, Ashdown ABM BP1510, Sansamp RBI (always on).

Basically, I'm new to compressors and had never used one until today. It turns out I like them.
Got any recommendations?
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I don't know how much it costs in your neck of the woods, but the EBS MultiComp has a great reputation. You could also look at the Keeley Compressor. Both come highly recommended.
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i second the EBS, tried a good few compressors out and that works best for me.
I have had good luck with the BOSS BC-1X (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Boss/BC-1X-Bass-Compressor-Effects-Pedal.gc) and the MXR M87 (http://www.guitarcenter.com/MXR/M87-Bass-Compressor-Bass-Effects-Pedal.gc.) They are both set up like traditional FET-style compressors that you'd see in a plug-in for a DAW. I bet you could find either of these used for under $150.
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