Hi I've just bought a second hand Dean Razorback DB with a serial number starting with J. The year is 2010 but I can't find a manufacturing plant for the letter J anyone out there know? The bridge has made in Korea underneath it.
I had a metallica white Razorback DB probably made 2010 or somewhere there about, definately made in Korea, mine has long since been sold so I have no access to the serial#.

FWIW they are budget guitars and have a pretty low resale value, I was able to get a pawn shop to loan me $200 and I never went to pick it up. I will say that mine had a great neck on it and played well the stock pickups were crap but it came with a nice factory case. I let it go because I had purchased several guitars that were much higher in quality and did not play it anymore.
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Hey, I have actually been looking at the Razorbacks a lot online lately and was thinking about getting one. I had my eyes on the explosion one. Aside from the flashy exterior, are they actually good sounding guitars?