Sorry I'm new to music theory and stuff.
Can a guitar and bass play a Piano sheet?
(talking about a 4 stringed bass by the way)
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Remember that both guitar and bass are usually notated an octave higher than they sound, so if you want to play the piano part in the same octave it was written, you need to transpose up.
Eg middle C on piano is played on 2nd string 1st fret on guitar.
Bottom E on guitar is the E one ledger line below the piano bass staff = 1 octave above bottom E on bass guitar.
Sometimes but not always. In theory it should be possible, but that is not always the case. Certain tone clusters will be impossible on one instrument and many passages making heavy use of the sustain pedal will also be impossible.

Also keep in mind that the piano's upper range exceed that of a guitar by up to two octaves depending on number of frets and bass guitar by a further octave and a half. The piano's low range can only be fully reached by a bass guitar in drop A/A standard tuning (probably a 5 string). A comparative guitar with a low A string still falls short an octave in the low end and an octave and a 5th in standard tuning. This is generally not problematic, but can be an issue when both hands go into the extreme high and low ranges of a piano.

These are small exceptions though and most piano pieces are easily doable with guitar and bass.
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