I'm trying to play Master of Puppet and people said that it's beginner/intermediate song.

I'm having a hard time down picking at the original speed.
I prefer down picking over alternative picking is because down picking sound much heavier.

I can do it fast the first 20 second then it start to slow down and I can't do it anymore.

HELP!!!! I really want to be a great guitarist!.

Sorry for my bad English.
Practice, practice, metronome, practice, metronome, practice, practice, metronome, etc.
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Get really really good at downpicking really slow.

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when you downpick, your wrist starts somewhere and ends somewhere. make it so that the pick hits the string closer to the start position rather than the end. if the pick doesn't hit the string until you're almost finished with the motion, you might give the motion too much follow-through and unconsciously widen the range of motion, thus wasting energy. bottom line - you need less "wind-up" than you think in order to get a strong note.

and of course, relax. imagine that the only time your hand needs to tense up is when you initiate a downpick. all other times are opportunities to rest.
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Master of Puppet and people said that it's beginner/intermediate song

If that's why you are feeling bad (because it's supposedly a "beginner song" and you can't play it), I can tell you that it's definitely not a beginner song, I mean, it's not a song that I would expect a beginner to be able to play well. Well, it may be a beginner song when compared to some a lot more difficult songs. But that's why I wouldn't look at "difficulty levels". When somebody says "beginner song", I'm thinking of songs that have some basic chords, power chords, and no fast picking or any other more advanced techniques. Something that a beginner can learn to play pretty easily. Something like most AC/DC stuff, Smoke on the Water, Iron Man, Paranoid...

Don't look at the "difficulty level" of a song. If something is beginner/intermediate, it doesn't necessarily mean you should be able to play it right away without even practicing. It's just a rating based on somebody's own standards. And this is why I think this kind of ratings are kind of useless. They may give you some kind of a picture of the technique required to play the song, but that's always based on somebody's own standards. And what feels really easy to somebody may feel really hard to somebody else.

Yeah, you just need to practice. If you can't play it at full speed, don't force it. This means that you are not ready to play it at full speed and you'll just learn bad habits by trying to force it. Play it slower, at a speed that feels comfortable. Speed comes over time and it doesn't come any faster if you force it. You learn to play faster by playing accurately at slower speeds. Slowing it down also makes it easier to see the mistakes you are making and it makes it easier to correct those mistakes.
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I'm kind of echoing what's been said already but yes, take your time. James Hetfield didn't learn to play that way over night. I think it took about 9 years. He started playing at 14 and was 23 when they recorded Master of Puppets. There's no short cut. Be diligent, work on several songs in the genre, and be patient. If your basic technique of holding the guitar, the pick, etc. is good, then you'll get there.

Good Luck!
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Beginner/intermediate, my ass. I've been playing for 20 years and I still can't play that song and make it sound "good". Honestly.

That being said, it's not my genera, so I've spent no appreciable time learning how to downpick rapidly. However, I'm positive there are some things I (and many others here) can do on a guitar that James Hetfield can't do. If you want to rapidly downpick and have it sound good, you will.

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MoP is the best way to improve your downpicking. The best thing to improve is to play the spider riff (you know the one, the riff before the verse) in a loop. Play it slow enough so that you can play it for 30 seconds flat without stopping or feeling tired. Rest for a bit, then do the same thing but a few bpm faster. you should feel a slight burn, (like if you were going jogging or at the gym) this is perfectly fine, just as long as it doesn't hurt. Now, try doing it at the same bpm for a minute, the piece is over 8 minutes, so the goal is not speed, but stamina. If 1 minute is easy, try 2, but if you start to feel fatigue or pain, stop for the day.

Do this for a week, pushing further every time, and you'll have the technique down in 2 weeks if not 1 (it was that quick for me at least). This is also a great overall warm up, gets your blood flowing
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