I'll try this again(different song, but this time with the comment for comment thing)
Not finished but I'd really really like some mixing tips. Or if the song just kinda sucks I can scrap it and not feel too bad about it.

If you are feeling especially adventureous you could also listen to the song right after that and provide some tips/critisism on it as well(that was my first thread referenced at the start of this one). I'll be sure to return the favor to anyone that does both

Don't really feel like this is depressive but;

Og1: I don't know how to mix dance or how is it supposed to sound, but it feels like there's too much bass and the vocals sound appropriate but they should be clearer or stick out more/be louder, because they are drowned in the mix. Also I'd suggest doing another take with the bass, it feels out of time at around 0:37. Try to use a compressor/limiter on the bass so the volume is more controlled.

Og2: Same thing, except for the guitar, I feel like it sticks out too much.

So, about both of these tracks I think you got the feeling right which is very good, and the instruments sound good too for the style, it just needs some better mixing and I think another take on that bass part would solve the timing issues I hear.

Good job!

Here's a link to my song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1699816