I've been playing acoustic for a while now, and wanted to start playing electric. So I've been doing some research, and found these "beginner" guitars: Yamaha Pacifica PAC012/PAC112, the Squier Affinity Telecaster, and the Squier Affinity Stratocaster. I also need an amp, nothing too fancy. Just one that sounds good. My budget's up to $300 for guitar+amp, but I'm willing to go a bit higher. Different guitar suggestions are also welcome. Thanks everyone!!!
I just saw the "which guitar" sticky, sorry for not providing all the information. For now, I'm really getting into Muse and the Chili Peppers, and I'd love to get close to their sound. I don't know much about electrics, so I'm afraid I can't provide any preferences. I'm not sure what pickups even are. I'm ok with either new or used. I'm located near Denver, Colorado. Right now all I have is a stand, an acoustic guitar, and a cheap capo. Thanks again!
Squier Affinity Tele alllll the way OR try to find a used Classic Vibe. The new generation of Squiers are mucho impressive for the price. And I mean mucho. Stunning really. IMO coming from an acoustic and going electric, the Tele tone will sound the best to your acoustic-geared ears.

And learn how to play it clean - like a grown up

As far as amps go, there are a million and one choices. You're going to have between 100-150 left over, so I'd again suggest used. Find a pawn shop and pick up a (GASP) Line 6 Spider or something that will give you lots of tones to play with so you can get an idea of what your tone wants to be. They aren't the best tones in the world, but for a small amp it is loaded with features and you can learn a lot from it. Then down the road you can spend a month's pay on a amp/cab to take on tour with you
...and I just saw your reply re: The Chili Peppers. A brief lesson on pickups - if you think of the tone of "Under the Bridge," that's a good example of a single coil pickup sound, so a Tele or a Strat will get you where you want to go.

I don't have much experience with those Yamaha's you mentioned, BUT here's my thought. It's obviously trying to be a Fender, so why not just get a Fender (Squier)? You'll get props for playing a Tele and shrugs about that Yamaha. Not that that's a big deal - just saying. A blonde Tele is a head turner and the Yamaha is a not-Fender version of a Fender in a world of a million not-Fenders shaped like Strats. For what that's all worth.
Never mind, that one seems to be more geared towards metal music from what I'm reading. About the squier strat, I've been seeing a ton of stuff online saying that the pacifica's are much better?
"Much" better is very subjective and questionable at best when we are talking about sub-$200 guitars. As a not-ever-played-electric before guy, though, I would direct you towards a Fender product over a Yamaha product (in guitars anyway.) If it were my $$ and I were looking to buy an electric, I would go to guitarcenter.com or reverb.com and buy one of the $250 used Squier Classic Vibe Teles that are for sale at this very moment. It's a lot of guitar for that price and I'd buy one of those over a Yamaha Strat knock-off every single time.