Currently my Les Paul uses standard GHS 10.5-50 David Gilmour string set in E Standard tuning.

I want to occasionally play songs in D Standard or D Drop C.

What is a good set of strings that'll provide me that versatility (with realistic string bending in E standard) without it going too noodly/fret buzzy on the high and low strings when I drop tune it?
10-52 Is my go to for standard, but imo the top strings could get a little too slinky in d standard. If you're not too into crazy bends and/or have good finger strength, a regular set of 11-52s will treat you n nicely.
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On a 25.5" scale guitar, I use 10-52s for standard down to Drop C (at a push), 11-56s for Drop C# to Drop B, then 12-60s for Drop B to Drop A.
I some people that use a 56 for drop A though, so it all comes down to preference.

In your case, I imagine an 11-52 set would probably be best because 11s are quite playable in standard, but would cope better in lower tunings than 10s.
i've used a 10 for the first string in D standard. it was a little looser than "standard", but i liked it. and now i'm using a 10 in E, and i actually feel that if it was heavier, it would be a little difficult to do quick bends.

for the sixth string though, 52 sounds okay. i had a 56 for D standard, which felt really nice and still bendable (i find the lower strings to be easier to bend), but it would probably be too heavy for E.
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