I currently have a Washburn Lyon that my father picked up a long time ago. It was only meant so he can play it without being loud with an acoustic guitar at night. It is a really cheap guitar and the electronics are all bad. But, I love the feel of the guitar. It is very easy to play and I would love to have a decent Strat-like guitar. Can anybody tell me how I could do this? I am very comfortable with wiring and soldering so i am not worried about that. i just do not know what i would have to get for the pickups and other electronics.

Any advice on my situation would be extremely helpful.
GFS pickups at www.guitarfetish.com are a great way to get a much better sound for very little money compared to other brands. I have a few of their pickups in my guitars and I think they are great.

If it is an acoustic guitar then look at their acoustic preamps and pickups. now if it is an acoustic guitar it will never sound like strat.

The Xavier guitar on their site are also quite nice and extremely well priced and they come with the GFS pickups.
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