Hi, I've visited this site many times before but I only registered today because I need some advice.

I am an acoustic guitar player with good musical knowledge. I have played acoustic guitar for many years, but never played an electric one.

The one I use today is an Alhambra 3C -- which I think is an amazing guitar for its price.

But now I want an electric guitar (not for gigs, just to play at home, alone, for fun) and I need advice between two possible choices:

1. Epiphone LP Special II -- 160 Euros

2. Epiphone LP Studio -- 260 Euros

My concerns: I know the Special II is considered "perfect for beginners", but am I still considered a "beginner" if am already pretty good with an acoustic guitar? And if so, should I buy a budget guitar like the Special II, learn first, and then after a few years invest in a better guitar?
Or will I be better off spending a bit more and getting a more "durable" guitar like the LP Studio?

Thanks in advance.
Hello! I would personally go for the studio because you said it yourself u have experience playing, might take some adjusting, but u probably know enough that u dont need a "beginner" guitar

Besides u r just playing at home, grow into the guitar which probably won't take to long

I wish u good luck!!!
Hello! If I was buying one I would make sure to use it at the store so you can see how it feels. Make sure you try others out too (Maybe Squire) because if you are going to spend a decent amount of money you should like it. I would go with the studio too, because it has bridge and neck pickups instead of just the bridge.


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hi. having played already so many years on an acoustic you might really go somewhere to get Hands on the one or the other in order not to be disappointed.
i started with a yamaha pacifica from the "4-letter-auction-guys" and just love it. i am also very happy with my epihone acoustic, but the Quality of epis is of a big range, if i may say so... they need a close look for right choice...
I bought the Epiphone LP Special (Slash AFD2), and it's amazing! I am only a novice player, but it's my 2nd guitar, and super soft on the fingers to play. My local music store were an amazing bunch, that let me sit down, and plug into ANY of their amps while i tried out guitars. I guess it comes down to budget, and feel. Both were right for me.