I'm looking to replace my Duncan designed pickups on my ESP LTD DV-200. For the bridge position I'm debating between the SD JB, Dimebucker, Distortion, Custom, and the Dimarzio Super Distortion. For the neck im debating between the Jazz and the 59. Could I get some feedback on any of these? Thanks, appreciate it.
And I'm looking for something very distorted, trebly, punchy for thrash metal. Think like Kill em All tone or early Megadeth stuff.
MegaDave used a Jazz/JB combo, which is what his active pickups are based on. For trebly/distorted sounds, the Jazz/Distortion sounds like your best combo.
The JB is better for 80s hard rock. The Custom is more for tight low end, think 90s sounds.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan