Alright, so here's a 20 minute Prog song that I recorded all by my lonesome. Which means it's not very good in terms of production or performance, but I mostly recorded it really quickly, like in the space of about an hour or so? Of course, drums are programmed, bass is programmed too, but the guitars are all me baby.

Alchemical Tongue (Rough Demo)

Let me know what you think about the song in terms of like, song-writing, riff-writing, etc. I mean I know the performance is kinda weak so I don't really need that pointed out though you're free to do it repeatedly if you wish, it just doesn't really tell me something I didn't already know

Also, what genre is this? I honestly don't know. I just wrote a song. I call it Prog, and I guess it's fairly Metal most of the time. I honestly have no idea what inspiration I had for this song it kind of just came into being one day. Anyways enjoy!
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