Hi mate, thanks for the crit on my track. This track sounds really huge! The production is immense and suits the style. The playing is tight and the riffs are solid. I would say for his style you need some vocals but the composition itself is great. I wasn't a huge fan of the snare drum which was a bit loud compared to the rest of he drum kit but that's a very minor point. Overall it was very good! Keep it up!
yo thanks for checking out my song!

super tight playing man! I'm really digging this track. guitar tone is real crunchy. that melody you lead the song with is quite catchy, I'm compelled to figure it out lol. I also love how you reference it in the next riff around 0:45, that's excellent.

composition-wise my only note is for that main melody that you play in the beginning and the end, it might help to change up the drums slightly after two repeats. like maybe half-time on the crash or throw in some fills at the end to make it feel more powerful. the mix and the EQ sounded pretty good overall. like Richo above me said, the snare might've been a little loud, and then you can probably have the bass a bit louder.

but that was good stuff man, super solid. followed you back
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What a nice track you got there, pal! It has a hardcore vibe and with some clean and crunchy vocals, it would sound amazing.

Let me say a few points of the production. Overall production sounded huge and still airy. I could feel the room with my headphones! As mentioned before the snare could be a bit quieter, but it isn't that distracting imo. The rhythm guitars are somewhat incomprehensible at points as the distortion distorts the chords, but it might be fixed with equalisation. That may not be so obvious with vocals. The guitars are mostly in the background, but as you do the palm mute riff they become more in-your-face and to me it was a bit distracting. The lead guitar was the total opposite to the rhythm guitars: it was mellow and warm. I did expect a little sharper tone there. These may be more like preferences, but that's all I have to say about the production. I couldn't do professional sounding huge mix like this!

I used to listen to bands like this. This is a mix of modern metalcore and post-hardcore/hardcore punk. I like the track.
The open chord playing in the beginning is cool and very full sounding then I especially liked the liquid smooth arpeggio section at 1:13 - nice note choice. It's a well structured song and the production is top notch - the guitars have good definition and the drums are very clear and prominent.

Nice work man. Play on.

If you're interested in some C4C here's my latest track: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1700011
The production is really nice on this one,the things that distracted me (the rhythm guitars and the snare) have already been said here,so I won't dwell on those. The melody is really catchy and I'm really digging the arpeggios! Keep on playing!

Here's my track:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1700054
Thanks for the reviews, everyone!

This mix/master IS probably going to be the template for the entire next album, so I apreciate the advice with the drums, the loud snare and the incomprehensible RT guitars were intentional for this song though, to make the melodies sound better , but I do agree that the snare is too loud sometimes, I'll see how I can improve it

Thanks again everyone!