Inspiration hit me, and it's for once in a similar style to my Lunar Eclipse song, which is nice, as I'm trying to write songs that fit with each other instead of a million different styles.

Wrote this during the last couple of days, more or less finished it up today. Gonna record soon. Have a listen and let me know what you think. It might be a bit empty, so I'm thinking about adding some vocal lines.
New song 2.gp5
New song 2.mid
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Definitely could use some vocal lines. The main riff initially feels a bit repetitive, but the second iteration of it adds some nice spiciness. I was expecting it to get dull quickly because of the style but it mostly maintained my interest. After just my first listening through the midi I don't have any major complaints. It could use some more interesting drums and some 16th notes added to the riffs though.
Thanks, man! Yeah, I imagine it can get a bit repetitive, especially without some vocal lines. I'm gonna see what I can do about that! Also on adding some 16th notes.

Thanks for the feedback.
Wow, what a great sense of time you have! You're going through more time changes than I can shake a stick at, but it never sounds unnatural or gives me reason to say "Oh, we're clearly in an odd time right now"

I think that's great: using odd times, but not making it sound like it. You don't have to be into odd times to appreciate this, I feel.

I don't feel like it's all that repetitive, no more than a song designed for having vocals would be normally without the vocals present.

I do feel like the strings could be doing a little more, maybe having their own little melodies here and there.

I dig the chords around the 104-106 changes. A little unnerving. A menacing ship approaches? A 'red alert' alarm in the control room?

The end seems a bit abrupt and anti climatic given what preceded it. Like, I'm listening, and really enjoying it, and then I hear the ending and kind of think "Oh, is that it?"

I really like it. It's certainly better than what I can do right now.
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