I'm having some issues with my strumming technique and I'm hoping to get any suggestions for exercises or online video lessons to help me correct it. My timing and rhythm while I strum are good (I practice using a metronome); the big problems I've noticed are that I struggle to strum the entire chord on the first beat of a chord change (usually just end up hitting the bass strings, like I'm hesitant to play all the strings after I change chords) and my pick digs in on up strums which sounds really bad and harsh.

Thanks for any help you can give!
On returning home and following a few days once the Glastonbury dimness had worn off, I attempted to get to grasps with what I had seen Fran doing.

The one thing I saw was that his strumming hand never appeared to quit moving, and it didn't make a difference which tune he was playing, his hand dependably appeared to be moving at a truly quick rate. Frequently moving at what appeared a much speedier beat than that of the real melody being played.

What he was doing was executing a strumming system that empowers the guitarist to pound out complex examples and tunes in a way that disentangles the manner of thinking encompassing that specific example.

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Firstly with your up strums, you'll need to ensure that the pick comes up at angle that is similar but opposite to the way you strum down.
Let's say you strum down at 45 degrees to the strings on your way down, well it should be similar on the way up. If your pick is at 90 degrees to the strings on the way up you will definitely meet resistance. You have really be relaxing the strumming hand. Keep a good grip on the pick but the wrist should be relaxed.

Secondly when you do a chord change its important that you don't stop to adjust, keep along with the metronome, it will force you to make quicker chord changes. Don't be shy to hit all the strings on the first beat, be confident and try to hit them all. At this stage you're not playing in front of anyone so you have no reason to be shy, give it your all!

Most of my video lessons teach a different strumming pattern in each song so maybe have a look and see if they might help in any way.