Moving my studio into my new place..could use major help. I need to decide which room to use as a control room, which room to use as a live room (no.drum tracking - just vocals / acoustics / amps)
I have TONS of Acoustic foam panels, big heavy blankets, and even a spare mattress for Soundproofing

Links to pics/(abother thread) http://forum.recordingreview.com/f8/help-choosing-control-live-70347/
Living room will probably be the easiest to work with but then you have the ******* area behind you, fridge, sinks, etc. and if you have some people in there no way to isolate yourself in the process.

In terms of acoustic design proportions room #2 probably looks the best as it has that angular shape, but is away from everything else and kinda small, so it is probably a non-starter if you want to have more than one room.

Room #1 is bigger size but is very evenly proportioned (126" square if measurements are correct) which will be an acoustical problem. With the closet there and maybe some furniture/gobos in won't be that much of a problem and you can run cables along the wall for tracking in the living room or vice versa, if you want to have isolated rooms. You can also stick in an iso cab in the closet and keep that miked at all times, which might be cool.

Since you'd have the open area around the living room I'd make that the occasional live tracking room, but I'd probably do most of the recording in #2. I track vocals and guitars in the same room on iso headphones, hasn't been an issue. You could possibly get a vocal isolation stand if you find that you can't deal with acoustics for vocal recording.

Shoukd I lay carpet down in my 'control room'? Current material is some kinda.vinyl linoleum. I have tons and tons of extra carpet
And how do I go about treating the window?? Should I cover it with big he way blankets or fill the gap with some foam or what
You can lay some carpet or bring in a removable rug, right now I have about 3/4 of the room with carpet. You could try putting the desk facing the windows with speakers on each side of the window, maybe some kind of fabric curtains should do. I think the biggest issue is room #1 being square, if you use that I'd place my desk with back facing towards the closet as that breaks the square behind you, probably some treatment on the two side walls around face levels or even full acoustic panels on left and right wall. The clothes in the closet in the back should be good enough to kill reflections. Also breaking the square with some furniture, amps, etc. should help.