Hi there, everyone!

Well, I have a question I hope some of you can give me an answer to.

I'm looking for some studio monitors for my little home-studio.
I have a Boss GT-10 & GT-100 that I would like to use with the studio monitors.
(Mainly, when playing live gigs, i run the two boards direct to our PA - works great for me!)
Therefore I want the studio monitors to create my patches on, so that I can use them live too. Right now I use a set of headphones, but they tend to color the sound a little and the quality of the headphones isn't all that good, so I guess a pair of studio monitors would be great!
Since I'm not familiar with the whole monitor situation, I would like to know if there's something to look out for. Specifications, etc.

What options do I have?
I hope you guys can tell me something about this situation...

What's your budget? Monitors aren't cheap and finding some that are flatter than your headphones at a low price point is going to be pretty impossible.
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You should program your multi effects in a system that is as close to your live system as possible. I used a BOSS ME-50 up till a few weeks ago when I bought a Digitech RP500 and I put it into a VOX VT30 set on effects bypass mode so I am just using the amp flat and letting the multi effects handle the sounds. I know exactly what it's going to sound like on gigs because I did my patches while plugged into the amp I am using. Studio monitors are great for recording. mixing and listening to audio but probably will not sound anything like your PA so you won't really know what it is going to sound like in live situations. I suggest a small amp.
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I suggest NOT using a guitar amp if you're running direct into the board from a GT-100.

I'm using a pair of these:

They're KRK Rokit 8's (8" woofer, 80W LF, 1" tweeter, 20W HF) powered monitors. You should be able to find a pair of used Gen II versions for a reasonable price. The reason I went with these rather than a set of 5" monitors is that they have a solid bottom end and I decided I wouldn't have to buy a sub to use with them for most things.

They do a pretty good job of simulating a PA system, which has a much wider range and much flatter response (until the sound guys start screwing with the bottom end) than a guitar amp would.
I find KRKs very boxy and cardboard-like in sound. I'd say JBL LSR range or M-Audio BX5 on budget. Surprisingly the Behringer TRUTH (esp. B3030A) is actually quite good for what it is.
ADAM if you can go higher. In your situation, personally I'd go with LSR's, 8in if you can afford it.