Here is a listing of 2 of my most recent songs. I have been trying to learn to play drums so that I can easier figure out what I want in each piece. The first link is just using a table top set with me actually playing and recording through a mic. I can't wrap my brain around fills yet.


The one below, I used midi drums, which is why it's much more on time and also has minor fills. I am just not a drummer by nature, so figuring out how to get a good groove and where there is room for some flare has always escaped me.

If You're Gone

Both songs use a bass model I have on my pod XT live, which is what I use for the guitars. I use my AT2020 mic for recording everything else. So if you all have some good suggestions on how to go about tweaking, I would greatly appreciate it!
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Songs are obviously super unpolished. You're just starting out, so that's to be expected. You're def on the right track tho, so keep it up

But what I want to talk about is the voice: Daaaaang, you can actually sing, unlike most people on this forum. There's room for improvement with tone and technique, but your pitch is on point, and the voice is full and powerful. You're a good singer. Keep doing it. Forever.
Thanks man, I really appreciate that! I am definitely trying to figure out how to tighten things up in all areas of the recordings.
Thank you for your comment on my material bud. I personally agree the thing you said about the drums.

I listened to both of your songs. First of all, you're a great singer. Guitar playing is solid and energetic. You're just a natural at both of those. But drums and bass lines are a bit weak. Not because you did anything wrong but you know what I mean... Especially "If You're Gone" would become a masterpiece rock ballad if you worked on it with some experienced dudes.

Definitely keep it up and definitely don't give up on your music. I love this. I listened both several times.
Honestly, drums and "bass" have always been added as kind of an afterthought, which obviously shows. They are always pretty bland and boring since I don't spend a whole lot of time on them :/ (my brain just doesn't understand them haha). Sounds like that is the spot I need to focus most of my energy on.

Thanks for the feedback!
Curlyhead pretty much summed my thoughts,you have a great voice,keep honing it! Guitar playing is also solid and the song "If You're gone" has great potential. Keep going dude!

Here's my latest track,if you're interested:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1700054