Recorded a new song a couple of days ago! It's all me on all instruments (except for the drums, which are obviously programmed). The guitar is recorded through a Scarlet interface into Pro Tools, using EZmix. Same goes for bass. The guitar is a Gibson Flying V Faded HHH '07, and the bass is a Ibanez Roadstar RB630 II '86.

Leave some feedback if you feel like it! I'd like it a lot!

Kael - Crimson Prowler
Really nice and tight guitar playing! So sick ass syncoped riffs. The production quality is actually really good, but it's a bit muddy in my opinion. As if all the instruments were racing for the same frequencies, but most noticeable was the vocals as they were lost in the mix. For this mix, I say that higher pitched screamed vocals would do better.

Good thrashy/groovy vibe and relatively good mix for this kind of music.
Thanks! I get what you're saying about the vocals. Truth is, it's easier for me to do lower pitched growls than screams, but I can do them much higher pitched now than 3 months ago, so I'm improving at least! My wish is to sound like Grutle Kjellson in Enslaved.

As a guitar player, thanks for the compliments on my playing!