Heeey wazzuupp hermano

Pleased to meet you, my name is Ammo, I am from Indonesia and I do guitar stuffs.
I make my own music, I record my own music, I play my guitar, and I mix them up myself, and then I post proccess everything myself, and I release it myself, yeah, you can tell how it goes :3

It's not like I'm arrogant, but I just simply like it that way :3

Anyway, pleased to meet you guys and gals, I hope you'll enjoy my thingie (wait that came out wrong..)

All right, to get it started, here, I am currently in the middle of guitar competition here in Indonesia, it is called "Ibanez Flying Fingers Indonesia 2016" and yes, it is sponsored by Ibanez you dum-dum :3

Alright so to get you in touch with my kinda style, here you go :

My entry :3

And also I've made my first two full length tracks off of my first EP, here ya go, this is me :3

I'm just a weirdo :3

Alright so, as the great ted mosby said "anywaaaaayyy" that's all folks, any critiques towards me and hate towards me will make me going on stronger, and any love you would share towards me will make me even stronger :3

And your likes, subs, and views will make me super happy :3

Thank you folks, thank you UG ! :3
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Very nice. Awesome Ibanez as well. Liked and subscribed.

aw mate you're too kind :3

thanks a bunch ! :3