Hello there! I have no idea if this is an appropriate place to post this, but I'd very much enjoy if you folks could listen to some music I wrote. It's all instrumental, and it's all in MIDI (yeah I'm sorry but I can't afford real musicians and a studio haha). So if you would spare your time to listen, I would very much appreciate your feedback.

Piano Solo - https://soundcloud.com/ricardod-1/piano-solo-piece

Guitar and Violin - https://soundcloud.com/ricardod-1/guitar-and-violin

Guitar Shenanigans (This is something I just played around with and decided to write down)

Chamber Orchestra - https://soundcloud.com/ricardod-1/chamber-orchestra

String Trio - https://soundcloud.com/ricardod-1/string-trio-2

Where is Jessica Hyde?
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