I haven't played in about 20yrs, but got a (badly) modified Washburn (Nuno Bettencourt N3) for $10. Basically, Floyd was removed, replaced with a 2-piece bridge like the Les Paul's, but mis-measured. Floyd cutout was filled in with wood and guitar painted purple.

Figured be a good project guitar to get back into playing with... put a new tune-o-matic on, through the body ferrules, I filled in the back (where the springs are) with wood, and I filled in the pickup 3-way switch because didn't like it there.

So, wondering, do they make a volume knob that pulls out and can be used as a 3-way switch for pickups? If so, is there a name/term for it that I can search by? I have seen them used for volume/tone... hoping they make them for pickup selector as well.

Where the volume currently is, the cut-out in the back is big enough to add a 3-way, but if I can get away with just one knob, that would be ideal.

you can get a push pull pot yes, but I am not certain you can get them as a three way switch. It would just be a push/pull pot, that should give you some ideas for it. You could probably set it up for a bridge to neck switch and not have a middle ground.
the closest thing to a volume pot that would be a bonafide pickup selector is a rotary knob, problem is you've got no volume control over it. With a push pull think of how george lynch had his guitars set up.

push pull down
Bridge pickup in the guitar - volume control of that pickup

push pull up
neck pickup in the guitar - volume control of that pickup
there is no middle selection on these push pulls is the down side

just like in another post i just finished writing mini toggle on/on/on do exist, you can use them as a pickup selector and they have the same shaft diameter as an import volume/tone knob.

i hated the color of this schecter but it was awesome for a "low end" model, it played great and sounded awesome. I rewired it myself. This is what a mini toggle looks like in place of a tone knob. The controls were recessed so it's harder to smack into them but you get the point , these are like 1-3$ maximum on ebay so clearly we've got enough left over for a used dimarzio or seymour duncan shopping spree ;

question is how do you wire one of these up, or really any guitar wiring send me a private message and I can help you out.
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I figured I'd have to use a toggle... which isn't a problem. I still have 1 guitar left from year ago, a BCRich Warlock I got 20+yrs ago as a gift from my folks, which is why I never sold it. It has a mini toggle and works just fine and out of the way. Plus, makes wiring easier... since the Washburn had all the pickups/wiring still, I can probably just swap the big switch for a small more or less.

Now to go post another thread about tune-o-matics. In the research phase, before I go buying stuff.