I assume your 4x12 is a guitar cabinet, not a FRFR one.

The AX8 has stereo XLR and jack outputs. If you want to use only your 4x12, you'll use only the left output for mono.

If you don't already have a power amp, I suggest that you get a flat power amp (also called FRFR). This way, you have to disable only cabinet emulation in the AX8 and you can still play with power amp emulation.

Or you can use a guitar-specific power amp. Then you also have to disable power amp emulation, and the AX8 mostly becomes a sophisticated multi-effect unit. If you aren't sure that your ear can get used to FRFR, it's probably the safest approach.
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The AX8 is primarily an Amp Modeler first and foremost according to Fractal at least. A decent FRFR system is the recommend approach and what the unit was designer for. If all you wanted was effects then the FX8 was the product you should've bought.
Moving on.....
I want to use it as a modeler. I know I can easily hook it up to a PA but I was wondering how I'd play with it in a band without a PA, and therefor I'd want to connect it to my marshall 1960A 4x12
Should be pretty straightforward, mono 1/4" out to the power amp, then a speaker cable from power amp to cab. Boom, your rocking. I'd imagine that you have to set the modeler up correctly for using with a power amp and cab but that's something to consult the manual for.
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Generally, you'd want a speaker cabinet *other* than your Marshall for this application. The Marshall is a very limited range speaker cabinet in terms of frequency response, and depending on the speakers you have inside, will often give you an exaggerated mids response. The idea of the AX8 is to provide you with a wide range of amp and speaker system models, and the Marshall will prevent you from getting the best out of the system.

The ideal speaker would be something capable of handling a wide range of frequencies with roughly the same flat response as a PA type system. One example would be the Carvin LS-1503, which is a three-way speaker system (15" LF driver, 6" mids driver, 1" HF driver) capable of handling up to 800W of power.

The ideal power amplifier would be something like a Carvin HD1500 which, when used bridged/mono, will output 800W into an 8 ohm load (the 1503 is an 8 ohm system).

The HD1500 will run about $280 direct from Carvin (http://www.carvinaudio.com/products/hd1500-ultra-light-2000w-power-amp ), the LS 1503 is about $255 (http://www.carvinaudio.com/products/ls1503-800w-15-inch-3-way-main-speaker ).

Should you decide to run the AX8 directly through a PA system at a later time, your patches won't change much; you've already set them up to work with that kind of speaker system.
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