Hi, this is my first time posting here after years of using this website for tabs, anyways, my BC Rich has a grounding issue (from researching online I think that's what I have), whenever I plug it into an amp I get a constant loud buzzing sound unless I touch the metal of the guitar cord on the end that's plugged into my guitar.

******I have pictures below showing the wiring and input jack wire******

I opened up my guitar and there are no wires disconnected from anything that I could see, and I don't know anything about how electric guitars work internally, the only thing that seemed weird to me is that when I unscrewed the input jack there was only one wire attached to it but there was another little metal tab that looked like another little wire could have been connected to it (circled in red) but as I said there are no disconnected wires anywhere from what I could tell.

Is there anything obviously wrong with it that a noob like me is just missing? I'd like to be able to fix it myself instead of taking it into my local music shop, but I will take it in and pay for it to be fixed if I have to.