Hey everyone!

I've almost finished a Gp5 tab for Angel Eyes by New Years Eve w/ Chris Motionless
(including: bass/drums/guitar 1/guitar 2/synth)

but there's this kind of background solo in the bridge (2:02) which I can't quite get right because its so far back in the mix.

Any takers want to give me a hand?

The song is overall 95% done, bar some small corrections and 1 bar of this annoying lead guitar that a cant quite nail. (The song is in Drop A but my tab is currently in Drop B because my guitar won't hold drop A constantly :')) But will refret it into drop A when I upload the final.

Links here to the song

I've attached my gp5 tso far.
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No way will I help u with this

Why thank you for your wonderful contribution to this thread. Just by posting here you have helped me solve 1 bar. Its just magic.