Hello community!

I'm writing for my uncle, who is looking for a tube amp.

He bought the Schecter Corsair model#1846 (w/bigsby) and he asked me what would be the best tube amp to have a heavier sound possible, which would give the most amplitude and sustain?

If you have any suggestion, tell me!
only the diesel vh4 will do.
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This is a pretty useless question with so little info. What kind of sounds is he actually looking for? Name specific guitarists.

Of course, everyone will probably recommend you a 6505 anyway
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Yeah I can think of a ton of amps that would fit that general description. Might as well set them up on pieces of paper and throw darts to pick
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I would recommend a SLO if you are on a budget.
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there's a used dumble on reverb. that'd probably fit the bill.

I heard they're even better value for money than a Peavey Valveking. Get it!
Line 6 spider valve III 15 watter should fatten him up .... I find it hard to believe none of you guy's haven't already mentioned it ??
Hello again,

Sorry for being too general, I admit I wrote this in a hurry to try and help my uncle on the go... Nevertheless thanks to those who answered!

He is looking for something recent or new and mainly plays at home and we're located in Canada!

Here are more info:

He plays a lot of 90's Rock, Bryan Adams, AC/DC
He has a Strat, the Corsair with "57" style humbuckers, a Yamaha Pacifica 510V and a 30 years old Godin guitar (made in Quebec).

He's got a Zoom G3X pedal, a 100W Peavey transistor amp (30 y/o) with a Traynor YBX 212 vertical cab...

He also has a small VOX tube head but he's not satisfied with it.

He was thinking of a 20 watter tube head instead of a 100 since he plays in his basement.

Finally, he has a MAX budget of $1000

Thank you again!
Orange Tiny Terror? Carvin V3M, V3 or Vai Legacy? Mesa Mini Rectifier?
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For what he is playing, though not a flashy big name - big money amp at all, I would recommend a Peavey Classic 20MH. Switchable from 20w - 5w -1w. Headphones can be used with it. Get's all those great classic rock tones, has a nice clean channel.

A nice customized Avatar 1x12 cab loaded with a Greenback or Vintage 30 should complete the package.
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(a) Sorry for being too general, I admit I wrote this in a hurry to try and help my uncle on the go... Nevertheless thanks to those who answered!

(b) He also has a small VOX tube head but he's not satisfied with it.

(a) Don't worry about it at all, some of the regulars can be a bit curt and forget that, just because the last 10 people didn't give enough info, it's nothing to do with you.

(b) Any idea which vox it is? Just if we know what he doesn't like (or can kind of guess why he doesn't like it) it'll help us to suggest things which he might like more.
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