Early June

I understand it's late, I realize I'm out of line
But I had to call and say, you're still here on my mind
I want you to stop whatever it is you do
Take one look at him the way I know you do
Is it just a dream? Or do you still see me?
Or at least believe he isn't who he seems

I know I've gone too far
I know it's not who you are
I know this won't make a damn
If you remember who I am

It's almost early June, the little man's almost here
So here's to he and you, let's wipe away these tears
I'll let you hang up first, you won't hear from me again
I know that this won't hurt, it's been so long since then

I know you've come too far
I know he's half of who you are
I know you don't give a damn
If you remember who I am

Who drove you away and escaped from your heart?
I'm still here today, I can only watch from afar
I wish I knew now what I thought I knew then
Maybe years down the road, our paths cross again?

Let's imagine it's spring, the snow's almost gone
You don't wear that ring, who knew he was wrong?
Little man's all grown, he's off on his own
We pass on the street, somebody we've known
Isn't life sweet? The way our eyes meet
After all the time passed, can you still see me?