Hey everyone,

I just finished recording a new track tonight and I'd like to share it with anyone and everyone who's interested.

It's called 'The Fox and the Soul of the Night' and the track is dedicated to guitarist Shane Gibson who sadly passed away not long ago. (he was a big inspiration to me)


If you're interested in a little C4C just leave a link to your work and I'll gladly have a listen.
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Hey, thanks for checking out my track!

So your track is good, I never heard this style, so I don't know much about it, you did a good job with the synths, but it would be cool if the lead tone was sharper and the playing a bit tighter at the beginning, after that, it's all good I'd say.

Good job man!
i actually really enjoyed this track, very fusionish. I liked the lead tone a lot, you got a nice touch man, also I like the mix a lot. The bass has a nice tone as well! good job.
the riff it 1:44 is also very very cool!
Really cool track man! Im a huge instrumental fan, and the biggest problem i find with instrumentals is at times they can get a bit boring, but this never did. Loved it all the way through. I was also quite the fan of the tones. The mix is also quite well balanced. Keep up the great work. Would love to see a playthrough video of the guitar and the synth!