I've got nothing left
They've all left
These white walls
an empty chest,
full of uselessness

Turn n hide
frightened of nothing,
except the power of the tide
living out of skys
moon meets the tide
what a wondering bride

somethings wrong
somethings out
somethings not right
somethings falling apart
something is clearing out of the appearing
...to disappear
Now here's an emotionally salient piece that taps into a glum and fearful perspective.

The second stanza is interesting because it moves from a more personal individual-level experience (depression, something like anxiety) on the part of the narrator to a much broader scope.

The last two lines could be very spoopy and compelling if earlier parts of the stanza were worked on further--let the tension build up more, I'd say.

Sorry it's been a few weeks
Not the usual kind of work or style that I read....so I'm not sure how useful my feedback is.

For the first verse I feel you could actually remove the first line/word - the following lines convey this really clearly, I like the empty chest especially.

The second verse brings up all kinds of imagery and association - it made me think of the word 'lunatic' - which comes from an old belief that full moon's made people go crazy.

The final verse is the one that I'm not sure about - after the descriptive and evocative style used earlier it seems a little off. I agree with AH - the final two lines are great.
'....even the President of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked...."

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