Nice version guys and that ain't an easy song to cover for the vocals. Good job and the production is sounding good as well.
Nice version. The vocals are fantastic. I like the nuances to the vocal melodies. Certainly beats the bog standard cover! The timing sounded a bit off when the guitars first kicked but other than that the playing was solid. The video looks pretty professional and is well put together. I liked the breakdown but not entirely sure how if felt about the male vocals. Overall it was very good.

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Thank you for the review! Now your recording/video: visually the video was pretty cool! The original song is more mellow than I usually like, but it's a great song and Adele's vocals in that song are really stunning; best I've heard in decades (in my opinion). Even though it's nearly impossible to compete with Adele, your female vocalist is very good. Though I wish she sustained her intro "hello" a bit more & be less abrupt (or I might have added some echo delay, though I'm more into that than most people). On first listen, I wished her vocals during the chorus had a bit more grit since that is a metal version, but that feeling lessened by the second chorus. Guitars are all nice, I like the "bridge (?)" instrumentally. My least favorite part is the male vocals during the bridge, though I'm OK with the male vocals towards the end (I like the male outro "call me"). I like the brief tubular bells (?). Drums are quite good. I like the guitar outro. Not easy to compete with the original recording, though this version rocks harder due to its style.
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Hey sorry for the late C4C, i think it sounds good, but like someone else has said i feel like the vocals need some small delay or reverb or something added, its sound very thin compared to the instruments in the crescendo of the chorus, but again, could just be personal taste. Apart from that sounds good
Hi! I have only one complain- the voice was recorded too dry, at least for me, besides that: