This is my second orchestral composition. I'm quite happy with the way it came out (considering that I'm a beginner at stuff like this),not 100% happy with the mix though,(mixing orchestra with one mic position is hard ) but I thought that I should release it so I can move on with my other stuff. Feedback on the mix and the composition is greatly appreciated,C4C!

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It sounds awesome. The intro reminds me of Daredevil's intro soundtrack a bit. Only thing I noticed mix wise, which is perhaps a preference thing is the drums... They sound clean and stuff, but I think could benefit from extra low end, so they sound more epic. Sort of like the drums in the Skyrim soundtrack.

As for the C4C this is a cover for the song hello which we released yesterday

quality stuff man, sounds professional. Tis a cool vibe and when the choir kicks in it's pretty grand. This would go well as a soundtrack to something. Keep up the good work and thanks for checking my track as well.
Thanks for reviewing my track!

Pretty good track! Can't comment on the mix because I have no idea how to mix orchestra, but it sounds good to me, the music is also pretty good, I can imagine this sounding in a trailer to some movie or show!

Well done man!
Wow, indeed epic! I love how it builds up, this is the kind of music I would listen to mate And thank you very much for reviewing me <3
This is really well composed! mad respect for just having the ability to make something like this! that goes way over my head!!! I think mix was pretty decent personally. I liked the drum sound. I like pretty much everything about this. I love the fact it has dynamics to it. Overall this is a great piece! I could definitely see this in some type of movie.
Very well composed man, I like how layers keep on adding to the emotion. You capture a great feeling of war/sadness in my opinion.The mixing wasn't bad to my ears either. Very epic! good job!
Dig the epic feel on this one man. Really like the build up. I usually don't like really epic things, but this one was to my liking! The sounds you use really makes you envision a medival setting or something. Love how it really kicks up a notch around the 1:08 mark! Good Job!

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This is cool. Definately soundtrack worthy. Assuming these are virtual instruments? They sound good, just curious (using reason by chance?). Composition is great, but feel a change up somewhere could benefit it. No complaints on the mix, sounds fine to me.

Keep it up
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This is cool. Definately soundtrack worthy. Assuming these are virtual instruments? They sound good, just curious (using reason by chance?). Composition is great, but feel a change up somewhere could benefit it. No complaints on the mix, sounds fine to me.

Keep it up

Thank you!

The instruments are definitely VSTs,I can't afford a real orchestra. I'm using Cubase 8,the orchestra was EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver version,choirs are Olympus Elements and the percussion was made using Apocalypse elements,both are Soundiron products.
Hey man- my apologies. I posted a reply on here earlier but it doesn't seem to have gone through.

I think the piece is great and can certainly imagine as part of a film/tv. The piece is well composed and executed and the choir voices give the whole song a great lift. My only 2 minor comments were that the drums could use a bit more punch at times and I would have liked to hear a variation to the underlying repeating melody but overall it is a very solid track and I have added you on soundcloud so I can hear more!
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: I like the toms/snare/kettle drums/or whatever they are. Vocal sounds are nice, especially the ensemble vocals. My only gripe is the string arpeggio sounds a bit repetitive at one point (on first listen, but not the second listen for me), but not a serious offense. Nice recording and song!
1 word: Sick!

First of all, thank you for your amazing and teaching comments on my material.

I have but very few things to say to this amazing soundscape piece. I almost felt like playing a medieval game (something like Dark Souls).

My personal touch would be (this is not a comment, this piece is great as it is) some soloing hardly noticeable female leads. But as I said, that is completely personal and I am telling you this to keep the comment interesting hahah.

Amazing work! Keep it up!
I am a fan of long build up songs. For some reason my brain kept thinking of the final scene in Last of the Mohicans when they are chasing the other group down. All in all I liked it. I think it could have used a few accents in it so the drone didn't become a bit so repetitive. I think you captured the emotion of what you were going for though. Nice!
Hey! I've listened to your stuff at Soundcloud. I think it's very good and it could work as soundtracks for serious movies!
This is awesome, man. I feel like I'm playing a badass RPG haha. I can't think of anything to even critique. Fantastic work.
Thanks for the review!

The opening melody sounds like a mixture between Daredevil and Game of thrones! I like the mixture you have between the string section, the drums and the voices! I would however like to hear the different percussion split wider across the stereo spectrum, to make it sound even more alive and epic! The ending part could be expanded to something cool! I'm not an expert on this kind of music so can't really say anything more. Good job man!
Sounds cool man, I think the mix is a bit too polished, I would have also preferred some dissonance in the piece too and maybe more variation. But what is here is good, its interesting, I like how it builds in dynamics, I think the drums came in a bit early but they're pretty cool nonetheless. I enjoyed it though man don't get me wrong, I'm just kinda nit picking. I really hope some time if you write something else to take these criticisms in mind because I believe you could produce something extraordinary as good as this track is already!

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Great job for your second composition. Instruments were well balanced for the most part. I was really waiting for a nice melody to sing of the top though. I think the brass section would have done this track wonders. You set the tone early and show the listener what you're doing, and then you want something to come in that will sent chills up their spine!

I have an orchestral piece that you can check out here!