ive recently started doing mods on my strat and have successfully done the master tone and 7 way switch but im stuck on getting the series wiring to work. I am following the dan armstrong wiring that i've attached.

I originally had it wired with a 250k pot and I had the series aspect working but not the normal strat switch - the bridge and neck worked fine but all pickup selections involving the middle pickup had no change. I went out today and got a 500k pot and installed that but my problems seem to of got worse. Sometimes with the pot "off" i would have no sound at all, other times the problem i mentioned earlier. I disassembled the series connection and the guitar works fine when re-wired to normal, so with my limited knowledge I'm stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Maybe there's a better diagram to follow or a better way of wiring it to series. I've also attached a pic of my wiring.

thanks for your time
gtr (2).jpg
this is a wiring I'm not familiar with but i can reverse engineer it, what does the last pot do, i can imagine it would be similar to the 7 way mod to blend in the pickups right? its easier for me to ask this right away as it saves me a bit of time to figure out how this works.

update, this will help , this guys really hands on too so it should help until i get a better understanding of the wiring
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ok i will watch the video and reply with results. the last pot is the blender of the bridge and neck pickups. on the master tone pot (2nd pot) i have a push pull that engages the 7 way switch. i dont think that effects the series wiring but i dont know for sure. Is there a better way to wire this perhaps? it doesnt have to be the dan armstrong way i just thought that would be an interesting way of doing it. thanks for your reply
it looks like i may be missing some connections on the 5 way switch - good, clear video thanks for the link
any time the only one i didnt see which i swear I'm color blind or something was the wire from "1" (top left contact on the switch) to 0 (common) on the bottom right there was an orange wire that almost blends in with the switches color. This happens with reds in photos ; I learned this from all my years of doing graphic design.

but hope the video helped, if not let me know, Brejatoneworks is very insightful.
the video did help and that was the wire i'd missed as well as the cross between a3 and b2. now i have the series wired and working, re-incorporating the 7-way with the push pull is now the problem - i cant get the bridge and neck to go in parellel. going to rest the soldering iron for tonite and try it tomorrow. thx again for ur help
well i decided to leave the armstrong mod and try a different one that combines a different series wiring with the 7 way switch - i got it to work this time. sounds great, ecspecially if you like the neck-middle squak on a strat. series wiring of the bridge and neck, also bridge/neck in series w/ middle in parellel, bridge and neck parellel and all 3 pickups in parellel. here's a link to the diagram - wasn't aware but it looks like it's a david gilmour mod

very nice, i'm doing a few pickguards for my ebay for early may or sometime in June.

I got really into different types of tone controls and all. Here's some ideas for a future wiring job, I love the idea of the 7 way mod myself, but whenever i see two classic tone controls i always tend to show people these ideas. Also don't forget about the super 5 way switch and fender S1 switch , although I'm sure you could put a 4pdt in there no problem or try out an unorthodox tone control like the image below on a blog i did a few weeks ago. I got the idea from a french blog and modified it.

but in the mean time enjoy the new wiring