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I hope it's OK to post this little bit of self-advertising ...

I don't know if any of you use apps for displaying scrolling lyrics/chords during performance, but if you do, maybe this will interest you. I created this out of necessity: my friend and I are starting a covers band, and none of the apps on the market at the moment suited our needs.

BeatPrompter for Android is an app that displays lyrics/chords from ChordPro-format song files, but has much tighter control over rhythm and timing. In a nutshell, by encoding the tempo, number-of-bars per line, etc, into the song file, you can ensure that the display will never scroll too fast or too slowly, so you're free to use very large fonts, which is handy if you're in a band with Mr Magoo.

iOS and Windows versions are in the pipeline.

UG chord charts do not support ChordPro format, so I'm not sure if this place is appropriate either, but sounds like an interesting idea
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